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Human Anatomy

Isbn: 978-88-86256-86-8
  • After about 40 years in the field of drawing and painting through publication of the Leonardo Collection, we have decided to utilize our vast experience by issuing these two volumes devoted to the anatomy of the horse and the human body. These volumes have a unique special appearance, inspired by anatomy texts from the late nineteenth century. Each volume consists of 48 loose plates plus an instructional text. The structure of the volume permits readers to use the individual plates without the restrictions imposed by bindings; for example, one can put two plates side by side - whether these illustrate the head, the thorax, or another part - and compare bone structure to muscle structure. Each plate is numbered and indicates both the part illustrated and its scientific nomenclature. Consequently the use of the plates is independent from the text, and reading is a choice left to those who would like to improve their knowledge of anatomy. The designs, which unfold step by step along with the text, start with the parts of the head, move on to the trunk, and end with the front and hind limbs. The bone structure and the muscle structure is examined for each part of the body. Most of the illustrations printed on the 48 plates has been drawn entirely by ballpoint pen, using a patient technique that has borne excellent results especially in the representation of muscles.